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Fat Baby at Night Tales Bohemia Place is a brand new 42 cover casual Japanese Izakaya open for reservations and walk ins from 6 - 10:30pm Thursday to Saturday.

Fat Baby takes influence from the array of small hole in the wall style eateries found on the backstreets of Tokyo and wider Japan. Dishes on the menu will encompass the five main cooking techniques found in Japanese cuisine; raw, steam, simmer, grill and fry.

The kitchen team are focused on sourcing high quality seasonal ingredients from across a small network of suppliers across the British aisles. The aim being to prepare these ingredients in a way which enhances their inherent flavour. The new menu has been created by head chef Greg Round who brings a wealth of knowledge from 2 michelin star rated Umu in Mayfair London, where he trained. 

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Head Chef


3 years ago I decided to visit Japan and explore the countries rich and dynamic food culture. I came back full of inspiration wanting to know more about the techniques and ingredients used in traditional Japanese cooking. 

I took a job cooking at Umu in Mayfair, London, which currently holds 2 Michelin stars. I spent 2 years under the direction of the senior Japanese chefs preparing traditional Kyoto style Kaiseki-ryori, a seasonal multi course tasting menu. 

What I left Umu wanting to pursue more was a sub genre of Japanese street food called Yakitori, which simply translates to ‘grilled chicken’. Parts of chicken from neck to tail skilfully cut from whole carcasses, skewered and carefully grilled over charcoal. 

For me it embodies a form of simplicity not found outside of Japanese cuisine where in the pursuit for perfection simplicity arises from continuous personal improvement. 

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